Among our various rusks produced is a special “diabetic” rusk. The recipe for our diabetic rusk was developed with the help of a registered dietician, Mrs Julie Peacock. This rusk is one of very few recipes that catered for individuals with diabetes, allowing them to also enjoy a treat without risk to their health. These Low GI rusks are our unique signature product, they are healthy, full of fibre and good to eat. Try it….or any one of our other delicious rusks - you won’t look back!



Matty's Classic Rusks began 20 years ago in Ballito. The concept was started by Matty Havenga and her husband, Herman, shortly after arriving in Ballito in 1999. The business began with the

baking of various home baked goods, eventually focusing on rusks which proved to be their best

seller. ‘Classics’, as they were known then, was a small home-based baking operation, with a niche market predominantly in the Ballito area. Due to their age and health, which is slowly getting the better of them, they took the decision to halt production of their rusk and to officially ‘retire’.


Following this news, two of their granddaughters, Tanja and Jackie,  decided to pick up from where their grandparents had left off, in an attempt to savour the ‘family business.' Matty’s Classics was conceived out of this idea and plans were set into motion to use the concept and recipe’s developed over the years to not only continue, but substantially improve and expand the existing operation.


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